Fastener Failures


Fastener Failures

Fasteners are used extensively in industrial and commercial applications for the simple reason that they are an easy way of joining two or more components together, quickly and economically with the ability to allow dismantling if required, particularly if we need to replace components or carry out maintenance operations.

Choice of the correct fastener for critical joints cannot be overstressed. The following important point such as, load bearing needs, corrosion protection, surrounding atmosphere and atmospheric conditions, visual appearance, metals in contact etc. should be taken into consideration when making the decision to use fasteners.

In spite of taking the utmost care in the choice of a fastener, it is inevitable that fastener-failures will take place at some time or other – which may cost millions of dollars in lost time an unfortunately sometimes, lives as well.

The following are the main causes :

  • Fastener fatigue
  • Hydrogen embrittlement
  • Corrosion either due to direct chemical attack or galvanic corrosion
  • Substandard fastener

Reducing the risk of fastener failure

The simple and only way to reduce the risk of fastener fatigue is to ensure that the fastener is manufactured by a reputable manufacturer and complies with a particular internationally-recognized standard. This will ensure that – material, head construction, fillet design, threads, heat treatment and surface finish are on the highest standard in accordance with quality practice.

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